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SUBMIT (est. May 2017) is first and foremost a Rotterdam based brand with an international character that aims to guarantee the musical quality and liveliness/vitality of the Dutch Metal scene and it’s future and connection to the global metal scene. We do this by creating the best ideal opportunities and connection for artists and audiences. Submit supports in professionalizing and developing the (future) modern metal scene with projects such as Submit FestSubmit Fest Presents and future (business) events and aid in promotion and knowledge for the industry consisting of a new generation of professionals, artists, and crowd. Supporting the scene together is what our team and community live for and it’s our favorite hashtag, just like the heart, because everything we do, we do with love for the music and the scene. Together we discover the anthems of tomorrow.


Submit Fest is the indoor festival with thé best ‘up and coming’ and ‘breaking through’ metal acts from the local, national and international scene. With a focus on present-day- and quality acts, the festival provides a filter for the vast variety of metal music from new generations with a broad perspective on different genres and styles. That way Submit connects artists on a regional, national and international level with each other and the audience, as together they are the scene.

Submit believes in the strength of the Dutch metal scene and the talent of the new generations.

Submit – Supporting the scene together

Submit Fest first arose from the desire to bring the (international) public into contact with the new generation of modern metal, both locally and internationally. In the field of the Dutch scene we want to show how much it has to offer and with our festival offer talented bands a stage. We are also really willing to support them in this.” – Monica on Submit Fest during Popunie Interview (2018)

SUBMIT Fest Presents

We love doing these kinds of shows while we wait for new editions of Submit Fest!

We always try to bring bands together that actually fit with each other, to create an amazing synergy and to make it worthwhile for all the people attending to actually check out the support bands as well. I think that bringing the right band together with the right crowd is incredibly important for a band to grow. So, this is one thing we always try to do and we feel we did just that with this first “Submit Fest Presents” show. – Jessica on the very first Submit Fest Presents show with Soen (2017).


The brand Submit embraces our identity and who we are, an organization with a weakness and love for the music and with awareness of the importance of its quality, which shines through in everything we do.” – Monica

Get to know the team!


I’m so proud of the work we do with Submit Fest. SUBMIT Fest to me means that I do not only get to work with two amazing people, but also that I get to work in the field that is also my biggest passion; music. With Submit and all of it’s activities we get to support music and the live scene, creating that amazing synergy between the music, the bands, the professionals and the fans, which is what keeps the scene so alive and is so important. I have always loved discovering music, seeing bands grow into their full potential and mostly, seeing those bands live. That live energy is like nothing else and it is so unique and special. And I love being able to actively be a part of this industry and making things happen, bringing bands over, supporting their growth and making sure the future of the metal scene stays as lively as it deserves.


I love working with Jessica and Pushpa, we complement each other like no other and put real heart in our activities. The music and our desires for it bind us. I believe we can bring change in an industry that sometimes prevents its own progress and professionalization. Taking away the connection gap is really important to me. Feel free to approach me and swap ideas and know I’m always honest and realistic in my response. I keep an eye on everything and handle things personally as much as I can. If you haven’t heard from me yet, don’t be afraid. I haven’t forgotten about you!
Also, when everyone works hard for a production and even the youngest visitor is having the time of his life, these are the moments that make me happy like nothing else.


I have known Monica and Jessica for a long time as friends and working with them only tightened our relationship. We can count on each other and we have this same goal: to support music. I love everything about music and the concert experience. Especially how it brings people together, which counts for guests as well as it does for bands. The same goes for Insta!

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Where can you find us in 2020?

Complexity 2020
Baroeg Open Air 2020

On the record (history)


Submit Fest 2017
Deadly Circus Fire (UK), Exist Immortal (UK), Spoil Engine (BE), COPIA (AU), For I Am King (NL), Transient State (NL), 2 Years To Apocalypse (NL)
Submit Fest 2018
The Charm The Fury (NL), Carcer City (UK), Kadinja (FR), Ghost Iris (DK), Death Remains (UK), Hibakusha (NL) and The Evolutionist (NL)
Submit Fest 2019
Hacktivist (UK), Invisions (UK), The Royal (NL), Time, The Valuator (DE), Frontstreet (NL), RXPTRS (UK), Familiar Spirit (UK) and Another Now.
Submit Fest 2022
Invisions (UK), Cold Night For Alligators (DK), Exist Immortal (UK), Time, Another Now (NL), Changing Tides (NL), Reformist (NL) and Mountain Eye (NL).

SUBMIT Fest Presents

Submit Fest Presents Nov. 2018: Soen (SE), A Liquid Landscape (NL) and Hillsphere (NL)
Submit Fest Presents Mar. 2019: Infected Rain (MD), Dust In Mind (FR) and Klogr (IT)
Submit Fest Presents Apr. 2019: Skyharbor (UK), Hypno5e and Talia [canceled COVID19]
Submit Fest Presents Aug. 2019: Jinjer
Submit Fest Presents Sept. 2019: Betraying the Martyrs
Submit Fest Presents Sept 2019: Agent Fresco at Baroeg Open Air
Submit Fest Presents Apr. 2020: The Plot In You, Thousand Below, Captives [canceled COVID19]
Submit Fest Presents Nov. 2020: Another Now and to live among wolves
Submit Fest Presents Oct. 2021: Ankor, Elyne and Stain The Canvas [canceled COVID19]
Submit Fest Presents Jul. 2022: Dropout Kings and Frontstreet
Submit Fest Presents Sep. 2022: Black Orchid Empire and Giant Walker

Signing Sessions
10 years at Baroeg Open Air 2018

Coming soon, stay tuned!

Artist shows
Copia at Prog Invasion Duycker

Read our Popunie interview (NL)

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