Baroeg, Rotterdam


ALLT (SWE, progressive metalcore)

Allt is a Progressive Metalcore band from Karlskoga, Sweden, formed in 2020. With their dark and emotive sound, they combine downtuned riffs with soaring melodies and orchestral arrangements. The band has a penchant for nature and films and translates their past experiences and scenes into sound. Many of the songs and lyrics are therefore inspired by literary works and films. In 2020, they released the EP Dark Waters and just last year The Seed of Self-Destruction. Meanwhile, they released the single Emanate early this year and are working towards their first album. Previously, they have performed on stage with VOLA, AVIANA, Bleed From Within and Humanity’s Last Breath and played at festivals such as Euroblast, High 5ive Summer Fest, and next summer at Radar Festival. The band has quickly established itself as one of the most promising bands in heavy music, and we can’t wait to have them on stage at our 5th edition. You don’t want to miss this band!