Baroeg, Rotterdam


Destrage (IT, metalcore)

Milan-based progressive metalcore band Destrage have been around since 2002 and now have six albums under their belt. Musically, the band brings a chaotic but technical mix of tight breakdowns, solid metalcore, heavy vocals interspersed with melodic cleans, djent, math, and as if all this is not enough, they also mix in some electronic elements to create the unique Destrage blend. After being a little quieter around the band for a while, the new album ‘SO MUCH. too much’ was recently released, featuring bangers like ‘Everything Sucks And I Think I Am A Big Part Of It’, ‘Venice Has Sunk’ or ‘Italian Boi’.
Destrage’s energetic live show is an absolute must-see. The band has previously performed at festivals such as Euroblast, Complexity Fest and UK Tech-Fest and now return to the Netherlands for a show on the Submit Fest stage! Highly recommended for fans of bands like Meshuggah, The Dillinger Escape Plan, SikTh, Periphery, Tesseract, Car Bomb or even System of a Down.